Tuesday, February 22, 2011



-------------BUSY TIME-------------

sorry lama x update ini blog!
terpaksa tinggalkan blog untuk beberapa minggu ni
yang menanya knapa da lama x update tu, rasanya da tahu kan knapa..huhu
lately,byk benda yg x best jadi pada aku
and i prefer untuk tidak menceritakan masalah2 itu kat sini
private n harap korg faham k! ;)

mood: sedihh! :(       

1 comment:

OreO HitaM said...

Cry is not the best solution,
Cry to share your emotion,
Cry when you cant hold it any longer,
Cry can make you feel better,
Cry to release pain in your heart,
Cry when you feel apart,
Cry doesnt show you are weak,
Cry sometime make us stronger,
Cry with all your heart when you need to,

Because cry is a gift...