Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Sponsor for saguhati's winners! by lovely JCS!


Today I nak cerita kan the full story about all my four lucky contestants on CONTEST-MUKA-PELIK-TURNS-TO-BEAUTY.

Before that, I want to announce again the winner! 


Nurul Syafi'ah bt Othman

3 pemenang saguhati :
Nur 'Aqilah Binti Md Esa, Ariyah Bt Khidihr, Nur Syabella

Congrats to all of them! XD

*Actually, I just had a last minute agreement about a sponsor for my contest (untuk saguhati). But don't worry because the prize will be delivered on this week. InsyaAllah. ^^

I know that you guys tak tahu apa prize untuk pemenang saguhati kan? Now I nak mention here, pemenang saguhati akan dapat barangan dari JCS !
Antara barangan yang pemenang akan dapat ialah Short Skirt, Satin Fever and Inner Bawal. Setiap 3 pemenang akan dapat ketiga-tiga jenis items ni! Hee~

Some photos of the prizes : 

inner bawal
short skirt
satin fever

Biggest thanked to SIS AISHA from jcs enterprise because becoming our sponsor. Tehee~

note: To anyone out there yang tetibe rasa macam berminat nak grab/memiliki salah satu barangan diatas sila lah visit their website here! ^^


p/s: aku makin hari makin busy la..huhu :(