Monday, December 19, 2011

ButtonMyButtons™ Promotion! Half Price!


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YEAR-END-SALE!! Okeh ..mesti korang time ni tak lepas dari melakukan kerja-kerja seperti pergi ke atm kuar kan berhelai-helai duit, sarung kasut, naik kereta p bandar turun kat shopping mall then mata tuhh start la mencari 30%, 50%, 60%, 70% kan kan kan?? *aku tahu sebab aku pun sama! hahaha*

Tapi sekarang ni korang takyah susah-susah p bandar ke apa ke naik tren ke lrt ke sebab aku nak suggest kan kat hangpa suma satu ONLINE shopping/ blogshop yang gila banyak discount!!. Websites nya BUTTON MY BUTTONS™.  OK buttonmybuttons menyediakan pelbagai jenis barangan yang exclusive! Serious! Korang tak perlu susah-susah cari kat shopping mall lagi just search those exclusive items on thier websites. Its easy! 

Macam-macam ada! Including tops, dresses, cardi, jackets, sweater, handmade wrislet, handmade bags, handmade sling bags, long printed cardi and etc. Every items here are exclusively designed by Miss Shahida Shariff which is the owner of ButtonMyButtons dan ada juga barangan imported. ButtonMyButtons menawarkan **50% for each items sold here BUT Traditional Not included.

Here are some photos(bags, tops drasses etc) from ButtonMyButtons :

cantikkkk kannnn?? XD

Trust me guys you will never regret by purchasing here. Even me myself had own some items here which are gorgeous cardi and a wonderful handbag. I love both very much!. Tanak tukar lagi dahh! *cehhh :P 

Owh! FYI, ButtonMyButtons was super successful with thier business when they had become such a great sponsor to a various hot artiss!! For example, baru-baru ni, IntanLadyana, WanSharmila, Yuna and many more!. Tak caya?? jom tengok gambar kat bawah nihhh~

Yuna : Traditionl Cloths, Shoes ; Yang lain2 ni pakai Traditional Cloths ^^

ButtonMyButtons™ being a well-known outfit designer among artis, Don't you think it is such a great news? Come on girls, grab your items now! Discount valid until this 25th Dec!

Jangan lepaskan peluang ini! Half Price! Half Price! Retype Half Price again retype Half Price ok Half Price!! Hehe..Don't you think that I was too much here?? HAHA..don't care! Memang excited gilerr3 nih!

Plus, Miss Shahida such a great person. I'm happy dealing a business with her and willing to purchase another item(s) with her again!! weee ;) 

ni sidebar websites BMB, koranng boleh tgk semua items here. 

For further information and details do check or visit on their websites :

Siyes tak rugi, discount available untill this 25th Dec!
**NOTE: All items 50% BUT Traditional Cloths are NOT included ^^